• Our Youtube channel

    VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, CLICK HERE, you will discover there a lot of pieces not present on this site.

  • Thomas Eskenazi

    Thomas and I (Jean-Michel) both worked as SW developers as we met each other in 1999, before we both followed our way abroad (Germany and Russia for me, England for Thomas). In the mean time, Thomas started professionally his old passion for photography and a free lance website development activity. If you need an artist and technician in one single person that can quickly understand your needs, he is the right person! Have a look at his website

  • Roxane Lebrun

    We met Roxane at the end of 2011 as we wanted to record the album "3 Fairy tales of Andersen". Her long experience as a theatre and movie actress is visible the way she is able to change her voice in front of the microphone. If you are not convinced about this, have an ear at the album "A russian fairy tale" ... and don't hesitate to visit her website!

  • Jean Marnay

    We are so happy to have the Studio Kadence only a few steps from our home ! Besides the Yamaha C7 concert piano on which I recorded all the albums after 2012, Jean Marnay warmly welcomed us and advised me a lot in my first steps in recording and mixing. Thank you Jean!

  • Nikolai Gavritskov and Ekaterina Holtobina

    To illustrate two of our albums, we involved again the russian talent: Ekaterina Holtobina (Omsk) is a mode designer and drew 6 wonderful monochrome illustrations for our album "3 Fairy tales of Andersen". In a different style, Nikolai Gavritskov (Murmansk area) accurately drew the characters of the russian mythology in the album "A russian fairy tale". Have a look at his original illustrations

  • Strato web site host

    In our european couple (Veronika from Russia, I from France, and we both lived in Germany), living through european languages (being symbolised by the .eu extension of this website), we try to minimize our environmental impact through our behaviour and the products we buy. Therefore, we decided to host this website on the german host Strato. Strato already increased its energy efficiency and consumes 100% renewable electricity. More about Strato ...