Scarlatti Clementi Beethoven


A wonderful album in which the classical music appears like a pearl necklace. Every composition is like a precious jewel of Scarlatti’s pianistic work. You will also discover the sonata of Clementi to lead us then to the mightiest work, the 32 variations of Beethoven. Through this album, you will discover a rich spectrum of universes, from the light melancholia inspired by the baroc music, to the passion of Beethoven’s dramaturgy.

Titles list: Scarlatti: Sonata in H minor K 27 allegro, E major K135 allegro, C sharp minor K 247 allegro moderato, A minor K 218 allegro, D major K 278 con velocita, D minor K 213 andante, F sharp minor K 25 molto moderato, D minor K 1 allegro, D minor K9 allegro, C minor K 11 allegro maestoso, F minor K 387 veloce, H minor K 87 andante, Cat’s fugue K30, F minor K466, Clementi: Sonata in F minor Opus 13 No. 6, Beethoven: 32 variations in C minor

Interpretation: Veronika Kuzmina Raibaut. Recording, making: Jean-Michel Raibaut. © Copyright Arte Vero 02/2012, all rights reserved.




As a download. Price: 6 EUR. Duration: 1h14. 2 format of HiFi files: MP3 320 kbps and FLAC (lossless DVD quality). Pay securely with PayPal and get your download links immediately!




9 thoughts on “Scarlatti Clementi Beethoven

  1. Дорогая Вероника!!! Бесконечно рады за тебя! И счастливы, что нашли тебя и твой сайт!!! :))) Ты умничка! Мы в восторге от твоих произведений!

    • Chere et digne Mme KUZMINA-
      Un fort bel album–merci mille fois-en particulier pour le K 218 et le K 213, car ils sont deux oeuvres non suffisament/frequemment joues. De veritables chef-d’oeuvres.
      Je vous place dorenavant avec Mme Zhu, M. Tharaud, et M. Sudbin-les interpretes les plus sublimes et touchants que j’ai jamais oui.
      Neil of Minneapolis

      • Bonjour Neil,
        merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire, votre attention a ma personne et votre intérêt a la musique de Scarlatti. Merci de m’avoir comparée avec des interprètes talentueux comme Sudbin et Tharaud.
        Bien a vous ! Bon courage! Et encore merci beaucoup.
        Veronika Kuzmina Raibaut.

  2. Спасибо огромное за ваш альбом. Какие все-таки потрясающие сонаты у Скарлатти, а я и не знала. Все, теперь я фанатка Скарлатти )) Куплю все, что запишите. )) Мария.

  3. Cette Pianiste formidable! J’ai beaucoup aimé surtout son interprétation qui fait le grand succès. Je m’amuse belle mélange par exemple “Robuste” et “Délicat”. Très agréable passer le moment son CD à coté.

    I love this artist, her sensibility for the music.
    Really appreciated her great job! We,looking forward to the next!!

  4. 10 out of 10!!! Feeling the pulse in every single note… Keeping the same high standards on dexterity, pulse and rythm. And she’s doing it every single day… day after day. I’m looking foward her next CD she’s probably working on now.

  5. A real pleasure to hear you and see you playing Scarlatti that I also play. What I like the most is that you play it with a true sensibility not an artificial one….You really feel it. You are a wonderful pianist!

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