Rachmaninov, Schnittke


S. Rachmaninov: « Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini »
A. Schnittke: « Concerto for piano and strings »

What is similar between these two concertos for piano and orchestra? At a first glance, their structure, the one part concerto. But there is also an ideological similarity. These are reflexions on the question: “To be or not to be?”. And in these two cases, the answer is not optimistic. Rachmaninov has a pessimistic vision of the future, leaving the evil forces the last word. However, Schnittke finds the answer to this question in an other world, better than ours.

Interpretation: Veronika Kuzmina Raibaut. © Copyright Arte Vero, all rights reserved.


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2 thoughts on “Rachmaninov, Schnittke

  1. вопросы о жизни и ее продолжении вечны и нет на них однозначного ответа, да и не будет…
    А музыка звучит, а следовательно живет!
    Брава Вероника Кузьмина

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